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Types of Tarot Reader

Over the years, I have often come across people who don't really know the difference between a tarot reader, a psychic and a medium, I think it is one of the most important things you should know when getting a reading.

Not all psychics are mediums who can connect with loved ones that have passed on, or connect to spirits.

Not all mediums have a psychic ability to foresee the future outcomes of the path that you may be on or see issues around you at the present.

Not every tarot reader can get a connection to a loved one in the spirit world.

Some readers do have the added skill of being a psychic or a medium and visa versa.

Straight Tarot readers ~ use Tarot as a tool to help you connect to your higher self, a neutral person who can tap into your higher self and give you some guidance to move forward. They have a deep understanding of the varied meanings of the cards and the combinations of them. They can give you the information you are looking for and some solutions to your situation.
Psychic Tarot Readers ~ combine their tarot knowledge with their intuitive or psychic abilities, so they can do all the above and usually able to give information on all levels of the past, present and possible outcome.
Mediums that use tarot ~ A medium serves as a channel for communication from the spirit world. They can connect with loved ones or spirit guides, and while a medium can be intuitive, a psychic is sensitive only on an intuitive level and do not get messages from the other side. It is a fine line, but one that is there, and many have both abilities and would be calling themselves psychic mediums.