I started out on my Spiritual journey many moons ago and from an early age I developed a strong, trusting relationship with my Spirit team, this relationship has enabled me to be a channel for spirit and pass over messages to loved ones through Evidential Mediumship.

You can find me most days at The Hallowed Emporium which is a cosy corner of magick, spiritual inspiration and guidance, nestled behind the hustle and bustle of the Lakeside shopping centre in the heart of Essex. Offering a range of products, courses and services in the spiritual, psychic and healing arts.

We do not promote any particular faith or religion, but honour the Mind, Body and spirit that is universal to us all.

My journey up to this point hasn't always been easy and at the ripe old age of 38 there has been lots of lumps,bump, twist and turns along my road, however with a strong faith and the belief that the Universe always has my back I continue along that road, learning, developing and awakening that little bit more.

I don’t proclaim to be the very best that there is out there, I do however proclaim to be the very best version of me, I continue to grow and develop with each new step I take, which enables me to refer back to my own personal experiences and to share with others in similar situations on the mechanisms and tools needed to overcome them bumps twists and turns along the road.

So if  you are looking for some direction be it Spiritual guidance a Tarot or Mediumship reading, Therapy session or a browse in our Shop then I invite you to come on by The Hallowed Emporium to book a consultation tailored to best suit you.