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  1. As we are well into September and like the golden arches, I am lovin' it.  September being the month full of harvesting, the leaves are being to turn, and the nights are turning chilly. The autumn equinox brings with it the shifting winds of change. 

    September always motivates me to bake bread, make jam and channel Fanny Craddock to prepare for the Winter. I am not a kitchen witch, in fact, it’s the least likely place you will find me. Want to hide my Yule gifts? Try the kitchen cupboards or pantry.  The kitchen in my house now belongs to my grown up son, who has rolled his eyes repeatedly over the last week as I have been filling the sides with jars of this and that, herb debris strewn across most surfaces, an apron wearing me trying to work out how many pumpkins can I actually fit on the windowsill. 

    The full Harvest moon has arrived bringing with it the heat of a late summer heatwave. This full moon is in Pisces.  A water sign, with the keywords of sensitivity, intuition, forgiveness and compassion.   Emotional and physical decluttering is the theme of the Harvest moon, preparing ourselves for the long winter nights ahead of us. In preparation, I clearly changed over my wardrobe with delight I may add, a few weeks too early. As I was wearing a jumper this morning, in my haste to stomp amongst the leaves and order some fancy hot chocolate from the local diner.

    However, you are spending this warm late summer evening, I wish you abundance, and hope that your harvests bear fruit! I am off to galivant around my garden and charge in the light of the moon.




    As i sit at my desk at The Hallowed Emporium contemplating whilst staring wistfully out of the window and listening to the windchimes dancing merrily away, i realise in calm of my mind its September! The beginning of the month always passes in a blur and yesterday was my birthday. I am now the rather adult age of 40. I have regarded the looming 40th with trepidation, but this morning something similar to adventure seeped into my bones. So as i shut my vividly purple door on route to the broomstick, (an aging Ford) I was so full of adult I was practically fully organised. 

    The Broom did not start. 

    Sat there amongst the crimes of my driving habits, sheer disbelief running through my veins I called Jo, asking her to save me a space in Betsy. Fifteen minutes pass and I get a rather amusing text about how Betsy spent the night, half parked in the bushes with her lights on looking for salvation, Betsy had tried to warn Jo the night before with a feeble alarm like cry, but Jo had disregarded the warning like the blatent rebel she clearly is. 

    So there we were, motionless and starving. Me, showing off my newly found adult skills on my first day of being 40,  phoned a taxi and have left my broom to deal with another day like a true adult. I would much rather being doing September things, after all, the Autumn Equinox is fast approaching and I have incense to make, salt to spill and general mischief to plan.

    Will check in with you all very soon

    An extremely adult